Our vision

FlorArboLtd is a sustainable and quality-driven tree nursery where people, product and planet are the key concepts.


Since the foundation in 1994, we have been growing continuously. Especially customers that care much about quality in the broadest sense, know us very well. Our family character supports this even more.

In 1998 we moved to Beervelde, the logistic centre for ornamental plants in Belgium. Moving there made it even more possible for us to serve our customers better and faster. We also got space to launch our own production.
This production grew along the years and at the beginning of 2009 we chose to widen our quality-driven entrepreneurship with a ‘durable and high-quality’ way of producing. March 2009 saw us achieving the GAP label as second ornamental plant cultivator in Belgium.
In 2011 we plan to build a modern ‘convertible’ greenhouse, but also to expand our processing space. Together with this expansion, we want to optimise our organisation further by also applying that vision of ‘durable and high-quality’ on our business activities.
During the lovely summer of 2013 we achieved the SQ label.
And finally, since October 2013, we may provide our products from our own production with the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label (FFP-label).
So, dear customer, you see that we certainly can deliver durable products.

Click on the images to see our most recent qualifications.


Our mission is to be a durable and high-quality partner for all those who work with us.
To us, ‘durable and high-quality partner’ means the following:

  • Producing and trading in plants as wished by the quality-aware consumer. Realising or developing the best ornamental plant products and services for our partners in production, distribution and retail, which guarantees their success with the customer.
  • Establishing a long-term relationship with all business partners: customers, suppliers, service providers etc.
  • Establishing a long-term and people-centred cooperation with all co-workers. To be a company where people like to work. The GAP label (2009 - 2012) supports this thought.
  • To offer a full service to customers. Trust is the key word in all this.
  • Producing environment-friendly products. The VMS-label supports this ambition
  • Trading in mainly ecological products..

Our own production’s objectives

  • Cultivating high-quality outdoor plants for garden centres and landscaping.
  • Producing plants ecologically. The VMS-A label is our minimal objective.
  • Developing a sustainable company:
    • for employees; offering chances to ‘accompanied co-workers’
    • innovative with respect to working and ergonomic improvements
  • Ecological optimalisation and innovation:
    • Producing green stream
    • Regaining water and avoiding phyto products
    • By working with covering materials
    • Fighting against pest and diseases with compost tea
  • Optimising our fixed range so that our customers can count on these quality products every year. This actualises their commercial wishes.